3G Data Service

Important Preliminary notes:

o     ITS recommend that you immediately select a data plan before you start using this service; pay as you go data is available, but not recommended as it can be extremely costly at the rate of $.02 per kb*.

*  This is equivalent to $20 per mbyte, as compared to around 2 cents per mbyte currently being charged for the on campus internet service.

o     Manage your download behaviour very carefully; remember that if you exceed your plan limit, excess downloaded data is charged at a more expensive rate**.

** Depending on which plan you are on, excess rates vary from $0.25 to $1.00  per mbyte.

o     Internet traffic charges incurred whilst overseas are NOT COVERED under the available plans, resulting data cost can be prohibitive if not properly managed***.

***Whilst overseas, the total sum of uploaded and downloaded data is typically charged at $15 per mbyte.

***Each data session you initiate also incurs $0.50 flag fall

***Use 3G for data download only if there are no other internet options available to you.


Managing your 3G use:

  • There are no tools currently available to check your individual consumption, the following provides a rough indication of consumption for typical applications:

o     2 Mb is approx 650 text only emails or 50 web pages.

o     5Mb is Approx 1700 text only emails or 120 web pages

o     Voice and video files are usually very large, avoid downloading these if possible.

  • An SMS message is sent to your  device when you are nearing your limit, so please watch out for that message.
  • Telstra have been asked to provide tools to allow individual data management but as yet these are unavailable, we will publish information on such tools as soon as they are released.



Telstra Mobile Broadband

Pay as you go:

2 cents per kb  (Not Recommended)

Fixed  plans:

Monthly Access Fee

Included data allowance (Monthly)

Excess usage charges
Price is indicated per 1000KB but actual charge is per 1KB block


$1.00 Minimal Use - text based email, telstra free to browse content and information
$10 150MB

$0.50 Medium to large usage – emails with attachments, HTML browsing, some downloading, Telstra free to browse content and info

$29 300MB $0.25
$39 400MB $0.25
$59 1000MB $0.25 Heavy use - emails with attachments, HTML Browsing, regular downloading, Telstra free to browse content and information
$89 5000MB $0.25
$119 9000MB $0.25
$169 15000MB



  • A number of other smaller providers have released plans with higher included allowances, but if you are looking at these watch out, -many of the smaller carriers have very limited networks, and then rely on the bigger carriers to transport their traffic in areas where they don't have coverage, -under those circumstances you then pay the casual rate of the bigger carrier, and Not the rate advertised in your plan. *

(*you can get around this by turning off roaming, but coverage in some areas may then not be available)

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Data Rates:

Pay as you go:

2 cents per kb (Not recommended)


Vodafone Data Rates 2c per kb pay as you go or data plans :-

Data Packs (* On Account and 24 month Contract)

Pack Options







Pack price per month








100 MB

500 MB

1 GB

2 GB

1 GB

2 GB

On Account/Contract

On Account

On Account

On Account

On Account

24 month

24 month


Mobile Data 100 MB

Mobile Data 500MB

Mobile Data 1GB

Mobile Data 2GB

Mobile Data 1GB 24 Mth

Mobile Data 2GB 24 Mth















Usage Rates







In Bundle

Data Bundle allowance will be consumed per KB Minimum session of 50 KB applies

Out of Bundle

12c per MB for any domestic GPRS usage above the bundle allowance. Minimum sessin of 50 KB applies
Out of bundle data usage is considered excess usage on the Voice plan, it will not be deducted from the value of the Voice Cap or Plan

* On Account - Casual basis - no contract applies - can be changed at any time during the month.


** 24 month Must stay in contract for a period of 24 months or penalties will apply



Broadband Wireless Data cards.

Ensure that you select a data card that is compatible to your particular portable device.

If you wish to install a 3G service in your portable device (tablet laptop etc) or fixed workstation, read the following notes to ensure that you select a 3G card that suits your needs.


Which card best suits your needs:

  • What model laptop are you using?

  • Is it a Mac or PC?

  • Is it equipped with an express slot /34 ? or USB slot?

  • Do you need to be able to move the device between computers?

  • Is it an older style laptop with a PCMCIA slot instead of the express slot 34?

Depending on your style of laptop or portable device, wireless broadband modems will utilize either a USB slot or Express slot 34 on your equipment.

The advantage of the express slot 34 is that it is more compact because it docks inside your portable device, while the USB broadband device doesn’t.

If you are moving between computers the USB style may be more universally adaptable than the express slot34.

 Cards suitable for older lap-tops with PCMCIA slots are also available, but are not recommended as they can’t be upgraded for future3G releases, in such instances a USB broadband card is recommended.

Cards currently supported:

Telstra Turbo 7 Series - Sierra AC880E Express (Next G)  - $385 inc. GST

Product Code XSIEAC880E


  • Connects to Macbook and Windows lap-top PCs through Express slot/34

  • Microsoft Windows and Mac OS compatible.

  • Typical customer download speeds of 550Kbps to 3Mbps and upload speeds of 300Kbps to1Mbps. *

*Actual data rates are dependant on speed of service provided, distance from cell and how congested the 3G service is.


Telstra Turbo 7 Series - Sierra Sierra Compass 885  (Next G)-  $310.00 inc GST


  • Connects to Mac and Windows PCs through USB slot

  • Microsoft Windows and Mac OS compatible.

  • Typical customer download speeds of 550Kbps to 3Mbps, and upload speeds of 300Kbps to1Mbps.*

*Actual data rates are dependant on distance from cell and how congested the 3G service is.


If you don't wish to buy the card outright ask about the Telstra 24 month contract plans, available for $149 upfront payment and a $59, $89 or $119 monthly datapacks.



3G is also available for for various PDA style devices, for the full range of 3G mobile phones and PDAs supported by ITS refer to the "mobile handset" section of the telephone equipment ordering form at this link:




Other useful information:

Using the services in low reception areas:

If you require access in low reception areas, external antennas are also available to plug into you wireless card

  • External antennae operate best in an upright position, away from metal shielding. 

  • If your mobile antenna is not equipped with a mounting kit, best coverage is usually obtained by Velcroing the antennae in an upright position to the windscreen, (where there is less metal to shield the signal).

  • For best results also turn w-lan roaming off.

You must ensure that the selected external antenna is compatible with your card, - the installation of an incompatible  antenna into your device may cause damage to the 3G card



Using the service Overseas:

When travelling overseas the broadband card  sometimes doesn’t automatically detect a different operating frequency – in such instances manually configure the interface from 850 mhz (for Australian operation) to the following frequencies:

  • 2100 for Europe

  • 2100 for Asia

  • 2100 for Japan

  • 1900 for USA